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tough enough to strip wax off floors to cleaning tar off engines, yet gentle enough to launder hosiery to safely lifting food spots off silk ties?...!

No other all-purpose cleaner has the concentrated power of Swipe, plus the proven track-record of over 30 years of satisfied customers. Swipe is a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive industrial strength all-purpose cleaner that can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. Just dilute concentrated Swipe to create a whole arsenal of cleaners for your home, garage or business.


Dilute concentrated SWIPE four different ways to create a whole arsenal of cleansers for your home and garage. Just a few of the tough stain problems Swipe tackles with ease:


  • air conditioner filters
  • air conditioners
  • ashtrays
  • automobiles
  • barbecue grills
  • bicycles
  • carpet
  • clothing
  • coats
  • coffee pots
  • dentures
  • driveways
  • fish tanks
  • floors
  • garbage cans
  • golf balls
  • hair brushes
  • lamp shades
  • leather goods
  • ovens
  • shoes
  • silverware
  • stove tops
  • tough stains
  • upholstery
  • vinyl siding
  • walls
  • woodwork
  • yes, we do windows

Swipe is
available in
Quart Bottles

or industrial sizes
1 Gallon Jugs,

5-Gallon Buckets,

or 55 Gallon Drums

Try Swipe today and see why millions rely on
The Miracle Cleaner
to tackle their tough cleaning jobs!

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